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I am glad you made it here. Welcome !!!!
I am a fun loving guy from the DFW, TX area. I love motorcycles, of all kinds, and the outdoors. Riding twisty back roads, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or sitting outside in the morning or evening watching and feeling nature. Those are the things I find fun and relaxing. I am uncomplicated, intentionally. That leaves more time for all of the above. 


Work? Well, it supports life sort of. But then what is work exactly? For me it has provided challenges and trials in this life and given a distaste for many of executive manager and the way they treat individuals for personal reward. When young many buy into the hype and loose sight of what should be ethical and honorable actions and standards that I hope to adhere. To get to this state of mind has taken some miles and reflection and with each tomorrow I always learn more. 

I am straight forward to a fault sometimes, but that is me. I think honesty for sure and ethics also are critical in everything we do. There is no place in my world for people that do not practice these or are of a pompous, or closed minded and know it all nature. They fool only themselves and thus are. Nature and time wins in the end. No contest. One of my favorite sayings is. Perspective is only relative from a certain point of view and it's always distorted. Think about that one. But then again most people don't think. I try to not loose sight of my ideals but life challenges those daily.

David - A little history

I was born in Wichita, KS, September 30, 1953 to Roy & Bernell and sister Nancy. Dad was a minister and in that occupation there is a tendency to move frequently and it was a simple life. For my parents it was work, try to stretch that dollar, raise kids, visit family and take care of the home, daily.  There was no fancy houses or cars, shopping at malls, designer clothes, no eating out all the time, country clubs, going on cruises or fancy vacations, jetting around or trying to be high profile individuals. They were and are a part of the core of what makes the salt on this earth. I admire their resolve, dedication, honesty, love for each other and values they represent. I love and respect them dearly.


KS was a time my time as an infant and seeing the world through those eyes. Learning the family, taking those first steps to childhood and some wonders of the world. It was a great time and learning that being a boy is wonderful and provided excitement as to things to come.  


From KS we moved to Meridian, MS and times were much different then and small city life is more relaxed. I learned to be a real outdoor lover in MS.  Roaming and exploring the woods and farm lands. Learning to fish and hunt as well as a gaining a respect for nature. Also it was here that my eyes started to open to the potential evil and corruption that man has within. But it was a fun time since my fathers parents lived on a farm close to us and we spent a lot of time there assisting in farm duties. Dad raised cattle on the side and I helped. It all could be hard work but it also served as a family circle and provided a personal character building process.


Mother's parents lived in Comanche, TX and our vacations mainly consisted of coming to TX to visit my grandparents and other relatives. They were all mostly country people, having farms or ranches and living the country life. Long days during planting and harvest time but with the ability to make their own schedule. What a great life they shared, not easy but stark and true. There was more work, fishing and hunting and exploring here in TX as well as great food and cold watermelon. A much different environment than in MS. I loved it all.


My main mission growing up was to be a boy and I learned it well. Playing sports, riding bikes, exploring nature and learning to work. It was all good. I did not and still do not need a group of people to entertain myself. I have always been able to be content with myself and self sufficient without people in doing things. I find interest everywhere in this world and can enjoy it in myself. Now, I do really enjoy sharing things with people also but they are not required to entertain me.


From MS we moved to Fort Worth, TX, which was a major change for a MS boy. It offered a whole different social climate but I adjusted. It was more of a city life for sure and added a different phase to my growth. Larger schools and more complex social process and varied people. We moved in next door to David P. (Hooter) when we first came to TX. He is my longest time friend that I still value and enjoy today.


Over the years we moved to many places around the Fort Worth area. City life was ok and certainly offered more to be involved with for a young person growing up. Moving around made it difficult for me to make and retain many long-term friendships but I also have never been an easy person to get to know since I am a laid back and quite person. Not shy but just quite. There is a big difference between the two and most people do not understand or appreciate the difference. It comes from within and the self reliance I was born with and developed. People misjudge that perception of me and that tells me something about them. 


I graduated from Boswell high school in 1971 and then it was college time. I started UT Arlington and I am thankful to my parents assistance for allowing me to live at home, but by working up to three jobs at a time I put myself through. It was difficult but I stuck with it even with becoming married and having children. I graduated with a BBA Management and minor in Architecture. A few years later I went to the AIB Graduate School for Banking held at the University Of Wisconsin. It was a three year remote program with time in the summer on campus. I graduated with Honors. Banking...me? I would have never guess. I am not sure it ever really has fit. 


I married while still in college and had three great children Lindsay, Whitney and Jonathan. I love them dearly. That marriage did not work out, even though I stuck with it a long time and tried hard. I really missed living with my kids and I believe they have not grown to Know me or I them as well or in depth as I would have liked. It is a heavy cost to my kids and I but my love for them is great regardless. The days were lost to us. It was just not the same, not being there everyday. Divorce is a difficult and a loosing process for all those involved, but a failed marriage is not a thing to stay with regardless. It is always a difficult event to deal with but it was the correct, wise and appropriate thing to do. Paths diverged and there was no commonality of mind or soul.


I have been working in banking and information systems for many years and it has been an interesting career. I have learned a lot and worked with many fine and talented individuals, but the constant mergers and acquisitions over the years have taken some of the freshness from being part of organizations. I have learned that an individual must work for themselves by helping others achieve, but must retain their focus on their own life and not work. Organizations have no love and do not value the person. They are a type of machine and will grind and waste the individual as a commodity. 


This is interesting, I had a little experience with lighting one rainy morning many years ago. A lighting bolt hit close to me as I was standing in my backyard in rain water feeding  Moose, my loyal canine pal. The bolt hit an electrical transformer on a pole and ran into the ground near me. It knocked me out and scrambled my memory for a while but I am here today. It was a close call and an unusual experience. So I am partial and respectful to lighting.   


Late in a hot summer not long ago I met Susie, in a rather odd way, but knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, saw the sparkle in her eyes, that gorgeous smile and talked to her that I could fall in love with her. I did so very shortly. I proposed, she accepted and now we have married. She drives me nuts sometimes but I love her and Loving her is good. I drive her crazy also most of the time since she is a woman and I am a man. That is our job I think. Ha Ha.


Susie and I married in 2003 and it was a busy and eventful year.

-I became a married man again

-We honeymooned in the Dominican Republic

-I became a grandfather from my daughter Whitney having a son Dylan,  a fine boy

-Susie learned to ride a motorcycle and we enjoyed riding together


Things took a change for me in September 2003, we had scheduled a trip to ride motorcycles in AK with friends. While preparing for the trip our house caught fire in the garage while I was in there working. I was burned on 25%+ plus of my body and spent 10 days in the hospital and months recovering. It was a frightening and most very painful experience. We lost many personal items including all the motorcycles. I was fortunate to survive and all my family and friends were great, helpful and very generous with love and care. I learned a lot about myself, life and people during that  experience. It was a challenge to my internal mortal strength and I had to draw from deep within to recover but has left a deep mark inside I carry daily. 


Then to challenge myself a little more. The spring of 2004 I had another little accident and broke two toes on my left foot, one on the right, three metatarsal bones and crushed the tarsal bones in my right foot, a chipped bone in my right knee and tore a ligament. So many more months of healing and adjusting were required. Looks like the crushed bones in the right foot are a permanent disability at this point. I will not be able to run, which I loved, and probably will have a slight limp and pain for a very long time. Possibly future surgery may be required also.


I did have surgery in the fall of 2004 to work on the torn two cartilages and a torn ligament in my right knee. It was minor surgery but just the same one more thing to experience. It is better but still weak and I have to be careful on it.


Life brings us unexpected things; interesting, difficult, challenging, exciting, happiness, sadness, grief, loss, pain and pleasure.

Enjoy what you can while you can, Love, be yourself and treat others fairly for you have no right to be pretentious. 


2005 was a busy year,  it seemed like work was full of stress and changes going on all the time. I stayed keyed up wondering if employment will have major changes in the near future. I guess if it happens that will be more changes in life. That is difficult as you get older. The kids as always had their changes going on and trying to find their way and Lindsay got married, best wishes to them.


I was able to enjoy a lot of riding in 2005 with several trips with Susie, several friends and with the TSR group. Trips to Arkansas, the Texas Hill country and East Texas. That was really a lot of fun. 


2006 and 2007 have been a blur and work has been of high stress. The reward low and level of work high. Riding motorcycles with the guys and Susie did provide a release needed for the mind. The kids, well they have been bust and scarce. I miss them. Mom and Dad have grown older and struggle in their own way, it is difficult to watch. Sis struggled also with the loss of Dale. It has been hard for her and a long road traveled.


I managed to plant another motorcycle in 2007 and had a shoulder issues that remain. Another mark on the body and mind.


What does the future of 2008 hold? Uncertainty in all areas. That is what it is, Life on earth.    


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The nickname Hawk began many years ago based upon some of my hunting friends and self, they were amazed with my ability to view game undetected by them while out hunting. That resulted in them saying that I have eyes like a Hawk. After time they just started calling me Hawk. That was Ok by me and I liked the distinction. I also have also been intrigued by the nature and purity of the Hawk and so adopted it readily. The old eyes are not as good as they once were now, but the nickname remains. In motorcycle riding groups the use of nick names are very common as a fun thing to do especially in the cruiser groups, so I just continued to use the Hawk nickname as my motorcycle road name. From there the Hawk continued to evolve into a persona; a mental state I try to achieve and a path to explore life through. 


The origin of the Hawk persona is a tale of desire, unanswered questions, observations and the seeking of personal peace. Attempting to look through the exterior or camouflage of life to observe what might not be obvious or portrayed. The Hawk strives to be observant of it's surroundings and man, and examines life from a broad perspective. Life is an ambiguity and the Hawk perspective strives to observe outside the veil of our society. A hawk like perspective  imbues me with the fortitude to face stressful or difficult situations. Our ability to observe the nuances of this life and intuitively react is a daily challenge. We find our security by our capacity to perceive, receive and use our abilities and develop a peaceful state of existence for ourselves.  


The Hawk has evolved into a state of observation that I began adopting years ago to provide a perspective in viewing the various events and oddities of life. The Hawk is my own personal point of perspective and does not attempt to judge others, but only evaluate and provide questions for thought. The Hawk is a dynamic thing and changes as the experiences of life effect it. Maybe you have used a method of your own to achieve a state that you desire or that fulfills a need for you. I am unable to remain in the Hawk state all of the time but I strive to get there as often as possible. I feel that it provides peace and objectivity in so much confusion and delusion. The Hawk does not seek to draw attention and certainly soars without that desire. The Hawk flies a path of individuality and seeks to reflect an image of independent character.


As Hawk proceeds through each day, observes each day with fresh sight, perceives details, noting differences, recognizing values and that allow flexibility to build strength. Allowing self to draw back and see the world with greater and varied perspective, which brings fresh insight, and understanding, using energy efficiently and acting acuity with clarity by taking action based on this wider vision.


The raptor, the hawk has great character and possesses traits that I respect and admire.

To seek to achieve a hawk's quality, purity, skill and uniqueness is a lofty goal.

Thus the Hawk continues to seek and observe.


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Ancient Hawk Mystic - Hawk / Raptor Pictures

This magnificent bird of prey was held by the ancients  as a messenger to bring awareness to their walk of life on earth.


Their view of the Hawk character-

  • having keen eyes, a bold heart and soaring freely in the light of life

  • observant of its surroundings with a broad and patient vision

  • possessing the ability to hear through the sound of confusion and distortion

  • has a call that is sharp & pierces the state of unawareness and signals to be alert

  • has a vantage point and view that allows it to discern hazards and deceptions unseen

  • has individual character and follows it's own path


A Hawk's vision is acute and can focus clearly while soaring. It's clear vision and wide perspective, provides for attention to detail of minute objects. Their energy is expansive and the slightest movement or change draws their attention, and as they see they act with speed, power, strength and purpose to their objective.


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