Contact Information:

Texas Sport Riders

If you would like additional information regarding this site please contact.

  • Email to:  Webmaster.

  • Most of the TSR Riders have my cell phone number so if you know one of them they will give you my number.

  • Also if you are a member of the forum you can post information there.


I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency

Attention Everyone !!! The ICE page is a private page available only to our riders in an attempt to keep the numbers as private as possible but still available.


If you are a TSR Rider and would like your information included please forward it to Hawk by email to

I will update the list as I receive the information.

Please remember to let me know of any changes as you move, get new cell numbers, etc...


There is an "ICE" Password to enter the page and if you are a TSR rider you will know what it is.

Be sure to learn and remember the password.

The ICE is accessible through the forum as well.