Interests /  Flights

Hawk flights are really a mixture of items from interests, events, trips, thoughts and changes that the Hawk has encountered.

The below items are some of these interests, events and activities that the Hawk has enjoyed.

I hope that you find some pleasure or items that are of interest to you.

  • Motorcycles - An activity that has provided self discovery and many internal challenges. A great interest and enjoyment of mine. 

  • Songs & Guitars - An activity that provides humility, frustration and reflection.

  • Family, Friends & Pets - Those wonderful characters that have been in my life. 

  • Philosophy - Personal views on a variety of things.

  • Travel Locations - Locations and events shared.

  • Hawk / Raptor Pictures - Photos of a noble and powerful creature. 

  • Sports- Not usual team stuff much (Under Construction)

  • Movies- Most anything, ... Almost. (Under Construction)

  • Art & Design- Appreciate the talent and thought (Under Construction)

  • Computers- Internet surfing is fun (Under Construction)

  • Humor & Jokes- Love them. I wish that I was good at telling them (Under Construction)

  • Work & Occupation- Your life is your work, not the opposite. The Occupation is what supports it. (Under Construction)

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