Texas SportRiders - Meeting Locations & Maps:


See this Link for Maps of riding routes


Meeting Locations For Rides-


We normally meet at the Starbucks on Rufe Snow just north of 820 in North Richland Hills.

See the link below for a map to the Starbucks.


Map Link to the Meeting Location to Begin Rides - Starbucks

  • Summer- The meeting time is Approx 7:30 - 7:45 am and depart around 8:45 am to beat the heat.
  • Winter-    The meeting time is Approx 9:30 - 9:45 am and depart around 10:15 am to beat the cold.

We may ride either day of the weekend Sat. or Sun. or even both.

We do not have fixed scheduled rides, but we ride as often as we can, which is a lot.


There are no "Ride Officials" who are responsible for the ride, but

we do have some longer term riders that often guide rides.

Each rider is expected to be in control of themselves and respect the other riders.


If you are a good rider and want to ride a specific route  and know how to get there you are welcome to suggest

a ride path and also to lead the group down the road.


We are a group of Riders who love to ride not a Riding Club.


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