Texas SportRiders     FAQs :

Q: Who are Texas SportRiders?

A: We are an informal group of motorcycle riders located mainly around the DFW Metroplex area but do have riders in other areas of the state.  Our main common bond is that we enjoy riding motorcycles. We are a loosely structured group with no officers, hierarchy structure or anyone in charge making overbearing rules that commonly make group riding a very structured and less enjoyable experience. We do believe in personal safety and exercise reasonable care but acknowledging that motorcycle riding has risks. Each rider participates at their own will and risk; being responsible for themselves, their conduct and their safety. Meaning each rider must determine the riding pace that they are capable and comfortable at their own level of skills. Riders responsibility is for themselves and to not endanger their fellow riders or other drivers on the road. Fellow Texas SportRiders should call attention to a rider if they feel someone is pushing a little to much or for bad conduct; those riders will be requested  to cease. A rider could be asked to leave the group if they are acting in a dangerous and disruptive manner. 

Q: Meeting locations?

A: See Locations  for maps or directions and the Forum for more ride details.

Q: What types of motorcycles are ridden?

A: We ride mainly sporting type bikes- sport replicas, naked sport, sport standards and sport touring. Not that other types are not welcome but that is mainly what we all have and suit the style of riding we mainly do. Many of us also have cruisers and touring bikes and have rides for that style often also.

Q: What type of riding do you do?

A: Our rides are normally of a quick pace on back roads enjoying the scenery, curves, our bikes and developing our skills of riding. We look for interesting backloads to ride away from traffic and avoid the complications of city riding. Each person rides at their comfort pace and the group will stop at turning intersections to regroup if needed, it is never a problem doing that. On occasion we have what we call a 2-up ride where the ride is a slower pace and many of us ride a touring bike or cruiser while bringing a passenger or a less skilled rider along. These have more rest stops and often we will stop to eat and visit and have more social time.


Often we will arrange and conduct a road trip. We have taken trips to East Texas, the Texas Hill Country, Oklahoma, Arkansas and New Mexico and a few other locations. The road trips are a blast and we plan to do more of these. Possibly to some major races and further locations.

Q: Signals and communication.

A: We use normal riding hand  and foot signals and sometimes a few riders will use helmet communicators to talk as we ride. This helps to warn of road dangers, emergency conditions and keeping the group together during rides.

Q: Age of group members

A: Strange question,.... is age important? I say No. We have riders from 20's to in the 50's. We really do not prefer to have teen riders unless a sponsoring adult is along. What matters the most is that the rider understands that people are different and can get along with other riders and ride responsibility. 

Q: Skill level of riders.

A: We have riders of all skill levels and as time passes and more riding the majority of the riders have developed good riding skills because we Ride. As with any group a few are less experienced but we all had to start somewhere. The main thing again is to ride at your own comfort pace and only each individual rider can decide what that is. Some of the riders enjoy going to local track day events to even further develop their riding skills even though track riding and road riding are really two different but overlapping skill sets. 

Q: Gender?

A: Like age that is not really important but it seems that not many ladies ride and so the regular riders are guys, but ladies are welcome also. Some riders do bring their wives or girlfriends that ride on occasion on the 2-up rides. We are not adverse to regular female riders, there are just not many of those around.

Q: Dues, fees or charges for the group?

A: At this time there are no mandatory dues or fees for the group, using the forums or anything else- you pay for your own stuff and if you feel inclined to contribute for the expense of the website and associated expenses that is Really Cool and very much appreciated (it isn't Free folks it costs me and great work I do for the group :) ) . Otherwise it comes out of my personal pocket. Aren't I nice. I do remember those that have contributed and they do get perks and preference when the opportunity arises.  

Q: This web site?

A: The web site has been created and maintained by one person Me, Hawk, for the convenience and use of the Texas Sport Riders. I am no expert at this, as you can tell, but try as I can. So contact the webmaster if you have questions, suggestions or wish to offer some assistance. Webmaster:   mailto:nillor@msn.com

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  • Your Truth is only a vision of distortion from your perspective to make you feel better. Live your own truth and let others live theirs as long as you do not interfere with others.

  • Riding provides an experience for self learning and reflection.

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