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The Hawk philosophy is basically personal perceptions and views and are Not a static thing. They are dynamic, ever changing and evolving with my life experiences.

They are personal in nature but shared for those that wish to have a view or further understanding of Hawk.


Some of the words here are not all my own but reflect a feeling that I share.

Hawk- Perspective

Some of my favorite expressions-

Perspective is only relevant from a certain point of view.

  • Meaning that we all have a different view of everything that we each see, hear and believe.

  • These personal perspectives mean nothing and have little importance to anyone but to ourselves.

  • True resolutions to conflicting perspectives is not very likely due to human egos.


So many questions exist for man because there are great unknowns to us. These unknowns instill fear in men.

We search, we hypothesize and contrive answers to these questions to sooth these fears and to feed our egos.

Our imagination remains our strength and greatest weakness and our comfort.


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Motorcycle Riding


Riding motorcycles can be dangerous, like many other active sports are as well. Why does any person do extreme sports when they know that at any second it could be their last? A rider must evaluate these risks for themselves and that is why I always say ride at your own pace that you feel comfortable. Sill things happen beyond any of our control. Young, old, inexperienced or skilled are not beyond an accident happening.

For me riding has been and still is an integrated part of my life, character and personality, and I derive much enjoyment and solace from it. There are times and days I ask myself if I should continue after friends or myself have fallen, and the answer has always been yes for me so far.

I did quit for many years once due to marital issues. Did I miss it? Yes, and I returned to it when I had the chance again. It adds a richness to my life and feel internally rewarded from it. I just enjoying riding whether it is cruising along or ripping on a sportbike. I love the feel of the wind, the sounds of the engine, the smells in the air and tension in my body and even the sense of danger in ways.

The tiredness I feel after a day of riding is relaxing and relieves stress. I feel very alive. Interesting. I live it and relish it. I have obtained the same feeling from other processes but something about riding mixes it all in a different way that is special for me. I will probably have to quit some day, but it most likely will not be easy and I will miss it.


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What is man without the beasts of the Earth? If all the beasts were gone, man would exist in a great loneliness of the spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts will soon happen to man because all life is connected.     


Man seeks to conquer nature, to bend it to our will and to use it wastefully until it is all gone and then simply move on, leaving the waste behind and looking for more to take. Man is a monster who is always hungry, and what he eats and wastes is nature and land.


The so called fearfully Good, the Orthodox and this laborious patchwork of mans civilization...they cry "Heresy" on those whose sympathies reach a single hair's breadth beyond the boundary of there own. Not content with taking all of Earth, they also claim the celestial eternity as the only ones who possess souls for which an imponderable empire has been planned. This planet, our own good Earth, made many a successful journey around the Star Sun ere man was made, and whole kingdoms of creatures enjoyed existence and returned to dust ere man appeared to claim them. After human beings have also played their part, they too will disappear as an event in time. All matter is connected and Life is a result of its movement, interaction and evolution.


So as some men place efforts to conserve the natural world - wild habitats, species, biodiversity - may be in vain so long as the human population continues to increase, and so long as man continue to practice aggressive, predatory economic systems. It is a propensity of humans to destroy exuberance in the natural world. We as humans live with blinders on to the long term effects of population growth and wastefulness. 


A question remains, is Nature's object in making animals and plants possibly first of all the equity of each one of them, not the creation of all for the equity of one, man. Why should man value himself as more than a small part of one great unit- the universe? And what creature, including man, is in itself essential to the completeness of that unit -- the cosmos? Would the universe be incomplete without man; would it be incomplete without the smallest microscopic creature that dwells beyond our conceptual eyes and knowledge. From the dust of the earth, from the common elements come Homo sapiens. From the same material ...comes every creature, however noxious and insignificant to us. They are earth-born companions.


Even though all universal elements are related and inter-dependent, there has evolved and developed hierarchical processes that exist and occur as a stark rawness of the reality of the process. Natural events exist and occur as evolution and man is a part of this as we fill our place in the process. Man with our enhanced capabilities can chose different paths to affect our effect upon and duration on our place in the process.


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Hunting & Fishing-

I grew up in a family, with relatives and in an area that outdoor sports was a common and excepted thing to do. My father took me fishing and hunting through the years, and I continue those activities today to some extent. Even though my immediate family was not directly supported by country life, most of my relatives were in farming and ranching, which I participated in when I visited or stayed with them. Activities such as hunting and fishing was an extension of that environment and not only served as a means to provided additional resources for the family but provided some additional interaction with the environment and being in nature and separated from the typical isolated and distorted world that we function in most of the time. 


Many people these days do not participate in these outdoor activities for many reasons and some even frown on those that do. Many of these people have not experienced these processes and in my opinion have a very limited perspective to make a judgment regarding these activities. There are all sorts of opinions on this and mine is just one.


My father was a minister by occupation and I grew up spending a lot of time thinking about life, death and what might happen after our life stops in or bodies. This process of thought has been a constant struggle for me though the years. As I have experienced hunting and fishing activities I have thought much about what I was doing, how this was applicable to my life, the world and the life of the animals. A persons attitude toward hunting and fishing comes down to some very basic attitudes and beliefs about our world, life and the state of nature. Personally, I accept these activities as a part of what the natural world presents from a primal viewpoint, in a pure sense of hunting and being part of survival and nature. I do not judge them from a moral sense, which to me is religious view, and I do not think of them in terms of being evil or wrong if practiced from a survival viewpoint.  


I think many people these days that hunt and fish exercise these activities from a distorted and limited perspective also just as those that have not experienced these activities.  Mostly because they have not thought much about them or only from an egocentric viewpoint. I encourage individuals to think about their meaning and function as they may apply to their lives and the world. I do not necessarily encourage individuals to do these functions for various reasons and I do not discourage them either. I think that a person needs to evaluate there own feelings and know their responsibility if they choose to perform these activities. I grew up thinking about them but many people have not. 


There is a connection with nature that can be achieved by performing what I call "Hunting" activities of which I include fishing because to me it is a type of hunting activity. I feel that the hunting process for land game can be achieved without killing the game if desired and accomplish a part of the hunting process, but that is only a part of the complete process from a natural sense. 


I have practiced these activities, had pride in action and results, wept in the objectivity of reality of loss of life, struggled with guilt and also felt the fierce natural order of 

primal instinct.


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Religion - (In process)

The Earth is a wonderful but complex place for humans to be able to exist and live. It is full of many extremes and varied types of life. Humans are but one of those extremes and are in a unique position because of the abilities that we possess. So capable of complex and truly amazing things. We can imagine, create and destroy so easily. With our highly developed mental and adaptable physical capabilities we can affect the world very quickly.


The question of the origins of life are confusing to say the least at best for man. Humans struggle to achieve an understanding of where we come from, why we are here and why we are the way we are here on Earth. We kill each other over self-conceived ideas we have as individuals and groups. We self-appoint ourselves as the speakers and holders of the ultimate truth, ignoring our own ignorance. Our ego, conceit, imagination, brilliance, fear and own mortality interfere with our ability to accept anything less than that we hold the knowledge of the truth. In our quest to prove ourselves and feed our ego we fail ourselves. We continue to only prove how little we have learned and how little we have evolved. It begins again with each new generation as we teach our deceptions and distortions to each other. 


We are a social animal and require structure to form our society and the rules we wish to live within. We develop  laws and attempt means to govern and enforce them. All necessary efforts, having to live in close quarters with others but they are destined to fail in certain areas since we are all different and our cultures evolve differently, thus we must compromise and adjust as our knowledge and our social style changes over time. These rules are developed to guide, train, and maintain that which some see as safe, satisfying and enduring. The issue is that so much variety is present within humans in there ability to cope and function that these rules do not satisfy the needs and ways of all individuals. So we suffer from those with greed and no tolerance, consideration, respect or willingness to coexist and those who seek to control and have power over others.    


Each individual must find their own means of providing an internal peace to accept their own mortality. Many Humans adopt what is provided by others because there is so much uncertainty, confusion and fear. This is quick comfort and may offer an escape and retreat from what is unknown. This weakness and lack of perception allows greed and opportunity for deception. Question, look at what you see and past tradition and what others may tell you. Do our tales really seem reasonable from what you see?


Overwhelming uncertainty leads many to retreat to whatever seems to provide a safe haven for them. Religion provides safety as well as a social climate as a retreat but does not in itself provide for an unbiased view or perspective. I am not sure that is possible for humans. 


To be Continued........... 


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